Minimalism – Getting Did of the TV – Step One

Minimalism – Getting Did of the TV – Step One

I don’t know why but over the past week the large monitor in the corner of the living room was absolutely bugging me.

We don’t actually subscribe to any TV service and don’t really watch TV programs. If anything, we use Chromecast to watch YouTube videos like craft activities for ideas. But the large screen taking up a entire corner of the room was constantly in my head.

Today we removed it, put the TV unit up for sale and moved it to the bedroom. Okay, moving it to the bedroom seems counter productive, but that means we won’t be using it in the evening and night as we cosleep and we don’t hang out in our bedroom during the day either.

Perhaps the next step is removing it altogether. We shall see!

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Where I’m At – Minimalism?

Where I’m At – Minimalism?

Over the past year I have increasingly been feeling uncomfortable in my space, my home. At first I didn’t realise it was ‘stuff’ that was cluttering my head.

My other half has always been a very tidy when you go kind of person, with a small amount of possessions and clothes.

On the other hand, I came in with boxes and boxes of STUFF. I hid it all away when I had kids and now I’ve replaced it with other STUFF.

I decided to invest in some.storahe furniture with a clean look so that toys and ‘stuff’ can be dumped in there before daddy gets home and also for my mind to be clearer. But it seems like it isn’t enough. My living room, which to many doesn’t actually have much in it, feels too cluttered. The kids playroom also feels cluttered (despite most things in storage). It seems I am not yet satisfied.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was entering competitions almost every day for more ‘stuff’ or receiving item after item of something to review. A lot of it does get gifted or passed on but something didn’t feel quite right.

We are surrounded by consumerism but my heart doesn’t feel attached to it. I do feel like I’ve opened up to hobbies this year and have got more into it like when I was growing up so for that I need stuff, but do I need a whole load of it?

I have recently got rid of a lot of things but I’m not happy with what is left yet. I’ll be sharing my journey to minimalism as a lifestyle choice on here. But it also includes a whole other load of things like trying to eradicate plastic from.oir home, trying to use cruelty free vegan makeup only and so on. It is a journey and a half!

Currently in my living room I have a lot of bits and bobs. After having kids and my first born turning one, the rooms were rejigged and have been several times, so furniture from other rooms have ended up in the living room. Do I keep it all, for when the rooms go back to how they were before, or just get rid? Here’s a list of what I have and I will share my progress on this blog along the way.

Large monitor (we don’t subscribe to TV)

TV stand

My thoughts on the above two are that I no longer want them in the living room. They take up too much space.

Side table


The above two are similar sizes and are placed in front of the TV stand to stop the little ones from pulling the monitor down. So they’re not actually used as tables or places to put down a cup of tea!


Sofa bed

The sofa is comfy but bulky

The sofa bed is nice when using it as a bed, it looks great as it has a minimalist design but it’s not comfy as a lounging sofa.

Kids play table with toys underneath it

Nappies and stuff

Drying radiator


This rug feels too busy in design

My first task is to tackle what is in the storage (ottoman and side table) and remove any items which are not used. One stores blankets which has been great over the past few days when it’s been cold. The other, I’m not so sure, we never look in there.

I’ll also tackle what’s on the fireplace and by the window.

I does seem like the positioning of the windows, the door and the fireplace don’t help but we have around that.

This reminds me that there is a whole load of technology items in the TV stand which need to be tackled too. We don’t actually need that much stuff.

Our kitchen tableware and glassware has mostly been minimalistic. We don’t have loads of people visiting at once so owning six glasses at any one given time has been enough or even too much. Some of our dinnerware has chipped over the years and when it’s gotten too much, we’ve thrown it away and not replaced it. So I guess minimalism has always been there trying to get more attention. Hence I decided to remove our dessert glasses as they weren’t ever used. And there’s more that needs to go, such as ovenware that just doesn’t get used. Baking products that I purchased for some fun and creativity but in reality barely get used. There’s so much to purge through but it can be done.

Exercise and Fitness, Where am I now?

Exercise and Fitness, Where am I now?

I cannot believe that it has been nearly a month since I changed my lifestyle. Of course the past week I’ve had events and ruined it and I could have been much more in shape but as this has been my first hurdle I’ve taken it as a lesson.

I haven’t binged and eaten like before so that’s a plus.

I was seeing changes in my body because of the 30 day shred. I also feel stronger. But I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself doing level 3 when I had let myself slip with food.

So I did one day of level 3 and decided to stop. I found one of the moves terrible for my body, being on one side and lifting the stomach area up. We’ll revisit that later.

Today I did level 1 and level 2 together. What I found is that I was able to do Los things in level 1 and majority of level 2 with some stopping to catch my breath.

My plan is to look for other exercises to fill in around 20 days and then continue with level 3.

My First Bump in My Weight Loss Journey

My First Bump in My Weight Loss Journey

I got to day 19, eating healthily and exercising daily. It was easy to stay on track as in my mind I had till September 1st to lose weight and be fit as that’s when I would have a party to attend.

Then over the weekend a celebratory event came up that I wasn’t expecting. My other half made such delicious food I ended up overeating. Then we had some more food later on and I had to finish it (I don’t like wasting food and it’s not the type you can save for the next day) so I was really full.

The next day I had my lunch and decided not to have dinner. But I did have a glass of milk and some nuts. During the night I did feel hungry but I didn’t think too much of it.

The following morning I ended up getting up late and then preparing food for the kids and so on. By the time it was mid day I had a terrible headache and felt like I was going to puke. It was not going away. Obviously skipping dinner affected me badly and I waited it out a few hours until I found some chocolate and ate that to get my sugar levels up. I did feel better.

This one time of overeating had a knock on effect that set me back. I can get annoyed about it or I could make excuses for myself but I’ll do neither. Once I felt better in the evening, I still went ahead and did the 30 day shred.

So overeating then skipping meals does not work for me. I’ve fasted several times before, from 1:10am to 9:30pm and have felt totally fine. But I also ate properly before starting the fast. What I can’t handle is doing it randomly.

The next time I have a party or a event where there is lots of delicious food, I need to get out a small plate and fill it with food as well as my dessert so I don’t feel so full and I can still function.

The first bump in the new healthy me road

The first bump in the new healthy me road

Yesterday was day 16 of exercising and being healthy properly.

I woke up with terrible hayfever and was pretty out of it all day. I was hopeful to exercise but in the end decided not to.

As I hadn’t eaten well I was pretty drained from that too.

However yesterday was also a celebratory day for me and my other half. So in the evening he prepared a wonderful meal and I had prepared dessert.

I was so out of it all day that by the time it came to dinner, my head was not thinking straight and I overate the delicious meal. Of course I regretted it after. I could have still enjoyed leftovers tomorrow. Instead I ate and ate and ate

I’m so frustrated with myself. I’m undoing all that hard work of losing half a stone. But I’m going to take a lesson. Special occasions don’t require overeating to enjoy them. Everything in moderation.

I ended up exercising after all as I was really not feeling good. For the first time in over two weeks, my stomach felt fat and wobbly and it wasn’t nice.

Jillian got me exercising on level 2 day 6. It was harder with all that food in my belly. Don’t do this again please.

30 Day Shred Level 2 Continues

30 Day Shred Level 2 Continues

Day 2 went well I think. Having seen the different moves the say before, I felt better prepared and able to keep up.

That said it is hard and there is a lot for leg work involved.

My lower leg muscles were really aching and so for the first time I decided to take a day’s break.

Returning to day 3, my legs still didn’t feel good so I decided to go Anita style on most. I probably need to stretch more but I do need my confidence levels upped with level 2.

30 Day Shred Level 2

30 Day Shred Level 2

Oh boy. The movements feel so different in this level. There’s a lot of multi tasking. Doing this whilst doing that. And it takes a lot of work!

I really enjoyed level 1, feeling all the workout in my body. I was definitely back at day one sweating levels on level 2 so I guess something was working. I do feel really out of touch with this level of fitness though.

I hope by the end of this I am as good as it as I was at level one (ignore the star jumps and skipping combination *2 though).

Some changes with diet and 30 day shred, or not?

Some changes with diet and 30 day shred, or not?

It’s just gone past midnight here and I have not long finished a workout of 30 day day shred. I thought I was much further along but I’ve only done 5 days! I think it’s because I followed one on YouTube before I purchased me own copy and it wasn’t really a good idea to copy her as some of the moods were terrible for knees, so I decided to buy my own so I could see Jillian instead. Hence I haven’t counted that effort.

My lower legs are feeling it the most. They feel skinnier but it’s like the rest of my body outweighs my lower legs.

My arms up to my elbow also seem fine.  My upper thighs feel strong. My upper arms still look fat although I feel something solid beneath all of that.

Is it me, or am I noticing a change in my face? In particular my cheeks? I hope something is going on there.

It’s only been 5 days and I am probably overthinking but it is sort of encouraging. When eating healthier, weight loss is seen on the scales much faster. I have cut sugar completely and am not giving myself treat days as it will only hold me back. But as you may have heard before, the first few days of exercise results in muscles getting stronger. I feel they are harder, I can poke my leg and not feel the fat and instead some solid surface. So when I step on the scales every so often I notice my weight goes up and down. Of course at times I haven’t been to the loo combined with drinking loads of water so I should be heavier than, but when you see yourself being heavier than starting weight then it can feel really disheartening… unless you train your mind to think differently. Here I am realising I am drinking more water than ever before so that will show up on the scales for sure.

However there was a time in the day when I did have a full tummy and I was more than a kg lighter than starting weight.

I am noting down my weight loss results but I won’t circle the next kg until I’ve fallen a few points under it due to weight fluctuating so much. I won’t round down. I’ll wait it out. This is so I’m more realistic to myself and reminding myself I’m here for the long game and I’m not jumping ahead of myself.

I am getting somewhere, even after 5 days. Yes it feels like it’s been a week or more. But I’m going to hang in there.

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred: A review and progress

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred: A review and progress

The last time I blogged about the 30 day shred, it was before kids! I got to day 9 then was travelling so it all fell apart after that. I remember how empowered I felt taking care of fitness.

A few years and a couple of kids later I am in shock about my weight, health and fitness. The thing is, isolation does no good and after a long day with the kids it was very easy to resort to one or two bags of my favourite chocolate. It’s ridiculous really. Of course it is hard raising little ones and I get back to reality once they’re a little independent but I feel so far from my ideal weight that it is kinda upsetting.

I remember eating well in the last trimester of my first pregnancy and being thinner and lighter after birth than before pregnancy.

And now? 🙁


So I’ve written everything down. My current weight in lbs, kg and stones as stones is more common in the UK.

I’ve then written my target weight.

I’ve made charts for lbs and kg as I can colour in or tick of every time I lose a lb or kg. If you’re into bullet journaling or traveler’s notebooks you might get what I mean.

I’ve changed my style of eating. No sugar. And I’ve lost weight/looked slimmer by doing just this before, twice. I’m also choosing to eat better and trying to only eat natural food.

Lastly I’m trying not to snack in between meals and drink plenty more water. It’s been a week since I’ve started this and towards the end of the week I have been feeling a little bit hungry so I’ve allowed a bit of fruit or nuts here and there but it isn’t a large amount.

I’ve done Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred for 5 days. Today the worst part was the star jumps followed by the pretend skipping straight after and then the star jumps again. I was struggling!

What I love about the 30 day shred is that the movement changes often and just when I feel like so can’t do anymore, Jillian will say something like, come on! Only a few left! 4 more! And it gets me through it.

Another thing why I like doing the shred is because it is only 20 minutes! It is hard work though but whenever I crave something unhealthy I remember all the work I put into exercising and how I WON’T LET IT GO TO WASTE! *Turned into a crazy exercise lady*

I have a toddler and baby who watch me and try out some themselves so having them around isn’t a problem.

My goal is to be healthier (doing), lose weight as I need to lose more than a couple of stones (this comes from someone who was a size 6/8 so my current weight does not suit me and I look ridiculous). I’ve basically a put on a stone for each year since my toddler was born, which was when my mental health was more directed at the isolation and feeling unable to go out. I’ve put on too much. But I can change.

Of course I want to lose it all quickly but I am doing this for the long game so lb by lb I will get there. It seems like by day 5 of 30 day shred, I have lost over 1kg. I could take body measurements but I am far too lazy for that but also I know people say the inch lost is much greater than the weight loss when doing the shred but I’m not too worried about that. Of course I’d love to be 8 or 9 stones, or have lost several inches but I feel like I will be able to tell the difference by clothes size. If my current clothes fit better, I’ve lost what I needed to lose for the first step and if I fit into my old clothes then I’ve lost even more and I’m even closer to my target.

So, on days 4 and 5 of 30 day shred, I have noticed a change in my legs. Top and bottom. It might not be a huge change but it does look like a massive change to me. I haven’t noticed any changes anywhere else but I’ll keep working at it.