Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat


If you fancy a delicious but quick to make tea time treat, I have the perfect ides for you.

Since having kids, and them being very young, there isn’t much time to bake home made goodies due to all the feeding, cuddling and alsorts that goes on with kids.

What I love to make in general is a classic victoria sponge. It tastes good, is simple and is great for dunking in tea.

I’ve heard of people using Nutella as a cake spread but whilst shopping, I came across the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread. In the example above, I decided to add chopped chocolate in the batter and covered the cake with the Cadbury Spread. I got the kids involved by melting chocolate and letting them drizzle the top so it has a simple decoration.

I was really surprised at the result. The spread added a delicious chocolate flavour to the sponge. It wasn’t overpowering but had the right amount of taste to allow both the victoria sponge, and the spread to shine. I really enjoyed it with a cuppa tea and have used this combination several times since. It has gone down well with guests too. It’s one of those warm, fuzzy feeling cakes. Not sickly. Comforting.

You can make it in a square tin and cut into squares for kids parties too to make it easier.

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