Tis the season of…

Tis the season of…

It’s December!

I haven’t blogged as much as I planned to this year. I have loads of drafts and more videos than I can imagine to edit. Having a baby and getting back into work (building a portfolio so not much into profit yet) has meant less time for blogging. I had all these plans which have basically not worked out.

That means I have loads of products intended for giveaways which I have here, not given away.

I know competitions have strict rules so I will not claim it is a competition giveaway. More like, a gift for my readers.

I want to get to know you more, and hopefully that will make me chat more here and less candy crush. I want to gift something (my prizes are quite good actually, but now I can’t call them prizes) when I reach enough for postage through blogging and other online revenue.

All you need to do is comment, or follow me on twitter/youtube so I can contact you. If you comment here, your email will not be published for others to see, only me. Tell me what to blog about, or share my video, give me suggestions, have a chat with me about anything and you may be the receiver of a brown leather bag.

See you soon!

The small print:

I’m not making money from my ‘blogging’ side so to get myself in gear, I am giving the prizes I was meant to write posts for (sourced by myself) away from now. If I hit postage cost, I will send something out to one of my readers. I will post them out once I have hit the postage mark 10 times, when I’m likely able to cash out. I will create a winners list page as soon as we get the first prize receiver picked.

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