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Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

The truth: I used to wear watches a lot as a kid and would often get a new one when the old stopped working. I always used to go for some kids character watch. One day, I stopped being interested in them altogether. Since then, I tend to look at watches and walk away as, like rings, I feel like I don’t ‘suit’ them anymore.

Then one day I opened the door to the postman who had this simple box to hand over to me:

I didn’t think much of it at all and handed it to my other half, but he wanted me to open it. Inside was this wood tree stump thing:

My other half knows how much I love wood, so I was fascinated by this thing, nicely engraved with the brand name on top.

I have a wooden key ring from a part of a tree with my name engraved, so this is totally up my ally.

This wooden tree box unravelled a wonderful watch inside:

Truth: It wowed us both when we opened it. The colour of the watch is a intense brown wood, which stands out against the gold detailing.

Since he was occupied doing something, I decided to wear it. Okay, it was a little big but it looked pretty awesome on my wrist, and I claimed it mine.

I’ve seen wooden watches online and I guess I am not a fan of the paler shades of wood as a watch colour but the dark brown does have a formal, business-like look to it when worn. I felt like it would stand out (in a good way) against a casual outfit and would be the star of the show.

I do love the gold detailing against the dark wood but the best part is looking at all those wood grains on the watch. It has character to it which I can’t say the same for other watches.

To top all of that, the watch box can be used as a plant pot too so the team behind this product have really put thought into every aspect of it.

The conclusion to this is, my other half wants to get some links taken off to fit his wrist, but I’d need more taken off for my wrist, so who’s it gonna be? And my dad keeps asking me to bring his watch every time we talk on the phone. It is a impressive watch.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread Review and Quick Tea-Time Treat


If you fancy a delicious but quick to make tea time treat, I have the perfect ides for you.

Since having kids, and them being very young, there isn’t much time to bake home made goodies due to all the feeding, cuddling and alsorts that goes on with kids.

What I love to make in general is a classic victoria sponge. It tastes good, is simple and is great for dunking in tea.

I’ve heard of people using Nutella as a cake spread but whilst shopping, I came across the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread. In the example above, I decided to add chopped chocolate in the batter and covered the cake with the Cadbury Spread. I got the kids involved by melting chocolate and letting them drizzle the top so it has a simple decoration.

I was really surprised at the result. The spread added a delicious chocolate flavour to the sponge. It wasn’t overpowering but had the right amount of taste to allow both the victoria sponge, and the spread to shine. I really enjoyed it with a cuppa tea and have used this combination several times since. It has gone down well with guests too. It’s one of those warm, fuzzy feeling cakes. Not sickly. Comforting.

You can make it in a square tin and cut into squares for kids parties too to make it easier.

V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London – A Review

V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London – A Review

Being born and bred in London, I had been to several museums as a kid, although some I don’t remember so much. I am pretty sure I went here during my time at infants school, yet when I went this year it did seem smaller. I have no idea though as my memory of it is weak!

I went with my one year old to the Museum of Childhood, since it is full of toys! I love toys! Sorry, I meant my one year old loves toys.

First things first. Parking. If you’re travelling my car, going early, or during quieter times is the best option. We could not find parking at all and found ourselves parking a walk away from the museum. Just about found a space. Getting a bus there shouldn’t be a problem, plenty of those around.

Inside the museum, is a simplistic array of toys in glass cabinets. The museum did not feel like a massive mess of toys due to this. All the toys were neatly tucked away out of reach. This is where my recollection of my own childhood visit was blurred. I remembered being able to have a feel of the toys as a kid. Perhaps it was a different museum.

My little one did enjoy looking around at the different toys but I did feel like it was lacking since there was a glass in between us and the toys. That said, it was great as a adult, seeing all the vintage toys, compared to what we have now. I loved the detailing in the dolls houses and the cars that we don’t see much of nowadays (hey cosy coupe, still love you). My favourite was the moving train which had a lovely scene made around it. I wouldn’t mind one of those myself.

As for food, there is a clean cafe right in the middle of the museum, with plenty of seats but we had taken a packed lunch with us and sat in the simple park next to the museum. It was packed with squirrels, and I mean packed!

I won’t spoil the trip for you by posting too many pictures but I’ll conclude this post with saying that there are a few things kids can play with:

Horses – There are rocking horses which we queued several minutes for. Lots of kids want to go on them. They are a good size and well, rock.

Play table – There was a small play table in a corner which had some wooden toys to play with. Good for toddlers.

Sensory area – This is where there are long tubes of lights which do cool things. It’s pretty fun for kids.

There’s also a shop with lots of different things to choose from to take home. It is worth a visit on your way out.

All in all, I would say there isn’t much play in the toy museum but there are plenty of old school toys to have a look at through the glass. The toys have little notes next to step so you can find out which year they were popular and it makes a pretty interesting read.

The museum is worth going to but don’t expect to be there all day as it isn’t huge but enough to fill half a day.