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Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

Review: MATOA Gili Handmade Wooden Watch

The truth: I used to wear watches a lot as a kid and would often get a new one when the old stopped working. I always used to go for some kids character watch. One day, I stopped being interested in them altogether. Since then, I tend to look at watches and walk away as, like rings, I feel like I don’t ‘suit’ them anymore.

Then one day I opened the door to the postman who had this simple box to hand over to me:

I didn’t think much of it at all and handed it to my other half, but he wanted me to open it. Inside was this wood tree stump thing:

My other half knows how much I love wood, so I was fascinated by this thing, nicely engraved with the brand name on top.

I have a wooden key ring from a part of a tree with my name engraved, so this is totally up my ally.

This wooden tree box unravelled a wonderful watch inside:

Truth: It wowed us both when we opened it. The colour of the watch is a intense brown wood, which stands out against the gold detailing.

Since he was occupied doing something, I decided to wear it. Okay, it was a little big but it looked pretty awesome on my wrist, and I claimed it mine.

I’ve seen wooden watches online and I guess I am not a fan of the paler shades of wood as a watch colour but the dark brown does have a formal, business-like look to it when worn. I felt like it would stand out (in a good way) against a casual outfit and would be the star of the show.

I do love the gold detailing against the dark wood but the best part is looking at all those wood grains on the watch. It has character to it which I can’t say the same for other watches.

To top all of that, the watch box can be used as a plant pot too so the team behind this product have really put thought into every aspect of it.

The conclusion to this is, my other half wants to get some links taken off to fit his wrist, but I’d need more taken off for my wrist, so who’s it gonna be? And my dad keeps asking me to bring his watch every time we talk on the phone. It is a impressive watch.

You can find it on Amazon here.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Clothing Haul – Primark and Some Thoughts

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Clothing Haul – Primark and Some Thoughts


The Truth: For me, during my second pregnancy and onwards, I felt really awkward about extra weight on my body. I put a lot of it down to what I was going through, leading me to eat and eat for comfort (no excuse) and so I bought several sizes up to keep everything loose and hidden. However, even if I wore the right size, the style of clothing above is still the right type for breastfeeding.

Vest tops

Breastfeeding and hot June, July and August is one of the things that make me feel agitated at times. I feel way hotter since having kids, so stocking up on vest tops in every colour is exactly what I did. These are perfect for feeding in as they stretch so easily. Primark has lots to choose from and are so affordable you can get one in every colour!


I find shirts great for when guests are over and I want to cover up quickly. They are also easy to unbutton when baby wants milk. I also think if you choose a nice pattern or a light denim shirt, it really can transform your look. I looked ‘fresh’ when wearing the denim shirt, even if I had crazy hair.


When patterned trousers came out, I really didn’t see myself ever wearing one. They’re now one of my faves! It’s been a really hot summer, and I’ve been camped out in strappy vests, mostly plain ones, so having wild trousers really gave something to my look. Haha! Really, the first few months after birth takes some getting used to for me, so it’s just a silly thing that can make a difference in the day.


Most of my PJs were tops, no buttons. Lots of wintery ones. I found this nice pink set from Primark with buttons! It’s lightweight so I thought I could use it in the summer and winter too. I gave the bottoms away as they weren’t my size.

Whilst shopping in Primark I happened to find myself in the home section. They had a really nice selection of campervan products (obsessed with them this year) so I picked up some duvet covers and a flask. They look great and have lasted well so far!

I find pregnancy this amazing and wonderful time but at the same time it can be overwhelming. Having a little shopping spree for essentials is a nice little something for me. I did find shopping very difficult too but when I was back in the comfort of my home, it was nice getting all the clothes ready for after birth. Primark has a great selection of clothes and a huge variety, even in the smaller stores so I recommend going there. The prices are great for every day fashion but even better for pregnancy and after birth when I’m unsure about my size. I never feel like I’ve overspent in Primark. It’s always a great deal.