Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Clothes Pegs – Durable and Long-Lasting

Say no to plastic clothes pegs. You know, the ones that break easily!

From my online shopping addiction, I’ve come across a new style of clothes pegs which are good quality and have lasted months.

I say new but perhaps they’re not new at all.

My favourite is this set from ZesGood. The material feels strong and thick, not flimsy and it has lasted us months. They feel like the real deal, and they’re colourful too.

I’ve also ordered these stainless steel ones.

They feel lighter in weight than the colourful set but not bad in quality. You get 20 more for a similar amount of money too.

I think this style of clothes peg is much better than the old fashioned pegs which break easily. Making laundry more efficient.


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