Get a range of tech from AUKEY

Get a range of tech from AUKEY

I have done a post previously on power banks from AUKEY on Amazon. They’ve worked well and I passed some of them onto family and friends to find out what they think of them and so far so good.

Today, I have a few different technology items that are useful and can take existing tech in the home to a new level.

The first is this AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard which is backlit with a range of colours. Our keyboard was many years old so an update was needed and instead of the normal plain black style, we decided to get one which lights up.

To me it looks cool but it functions well too. I think my other half is pretty impressed with it seeing as he is the gamer but we use it daily for normal computer tasks.

The second is this Gaming Mouse which looks very technical with all its buttons but is straightforward to use. It is heavier than the average computer mouse but it is designed to be like that and it feels like a solid piece of navigation for the computer. The other feature is that it too lights up and it isn’t overbearing. Rather it is subtle so my desk isn’t looking like some disco party but there are colour changing lights around me.

Thirdly, we have another power bank from AUKEY but this one is a cylinder shape. It is so portable and fits so well in my handbag. Of course, it doesn’t have as much charging power, in that it will give me a couple of good charges on my phone but it is one of the power banks I use for popping in my bag when going for a quick outing or visit or keeping it ready in my bag for when I need it in a emergency when out. For that it has worked well.

What I like so much about this one is that I only need to carry one wire around with me as it has a USB C Port and as I have a Nexus phone which charges from a USB C port, it matches perfectly. It is so convenient for me.

That takes me to this set of 5 USB C cables.

They are different lengths with one short (great for travelling and using with a power bank) and some much longer. This is so handy as it basically fits the needs of every occasion.

This leads me to my last item which is the AUKEY Extension plug.

I’ve been using these for several months now and they are handy in any room. Nowadays my other half and I are charging our phones, power banks and other gadgets, whilst also using the laptop when plugged in and turning the lamp on during the evenings. This extension plug allows you to do all of those.

Iuse the USB part for charging power banks and my Bluetooth speaker and the other plugs are used for laptops and lamps. If I was to choose a top item it would be this due to its usefulness.

I tend to use a lot of gadgets in a moderate way but some items like extension leads, power banks and cables seem to be part of my every day life. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to ask. I can test out the items in a way that you would use them so you can decide on whether to purchase them.

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