Getting rid of all things Amazon

Getting rid of all things Amazon

Being a blogger/reviewer, I had offers from all directions to review items that can be purchased from Amazon’s platform.

As a bargain hunter, it was a great opportunity to regularly receive mail that was either free or did not cost me much. Things I wouldn’t dream of buying before. I became an expert somewhat, in all things Amazon.

Then something hit, and I didn’t feel comfortable in my own home. It was the journey towards minimalism that made ‘stuff’ which used to bring comfort to me, become uncomfortable.

Since I’ve overcome the fear of letting go of items I’ve paid for, it’s become easier to get rid of even more. So I found myself collecting all things Amazon into one room and putting them up for sale, or for free, on local selling websites.

It meant that I had more available space, another person got a bargain and I’m closer to reaching my goal.

Yes, I could have kept a lot of it, like some craft items, but I decided to let go and only keep what I purchased at full price, mainly from other stores. Now I only had a nod to my previous hoarding habits, such as a Bluetooth speaker with a nice wooden front. Any extras were gifted to others who could use them.

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