Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred: A review and progress

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred: A review and progress

The last time I blogged about the 30 day shred, it was before kids! I got to day 9 then was travelling so it all fell apart after that. I remember how empowered I felt taking care of fitness.

A few years and a couple of kids later I am in shock about my weight, health and fitness. The thing is, isolation does no good and after a long day with the kids it was very easy to resort to one or two bags of my favourite chocolate. It’s ridiculous really. Of course it is hard raising little ones and I get back to reality once they’re a little independent but I feel so far from my ideal weight that it is kinda upsetting.

I remember eating well in the last trimester of my first pregnancy and being thinner and lighter after birth than before pregnancy.

And now? 🙁


So I’ve written everything down. My current weight in lbs, kg and stones as stones is more common in the UK.

I’ve then written my target weight.

I’ve made charts for lbs and kg as I can colour in or tick of every time I lose a lb or kg. If you’re into bullet journaling or traveler’s notebooks you might get what I mean.

I’ve changed my style of eating. No sugar. And I’ve lost weight/looked slimmer by doing just this before, twice. I’m also choosing to eat better and trying to only eat natural food.

Lastly I’m trying not to snack in between meals and drink plenty more water. It’s been a week since I’ve started this and towards the end of the week I have been feeling a little bit hungry so I’ve allowed a bit of fruit or nuts here and there but it isn’t a large amount.

I’ve done Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred for 5 days. Today the worst part was the star jumps followed by the pretend skipping straight after and then the star jumps again. I was struggling!

What I love about the 30 day shred is that the movement changes often and just when I feel like so can’t do anymore, Jillian will say something like, come on! Only a few left! 4 more! And it gets me through it.

Another thing why I like doing the shred is because it is only 20 minutes! It is hard work though but whenever I crave something unhealthy I remember all the work I put into exercising and how I WON’T LET IT GO TO WASTE! *Turned into a crazy exercise lady*

I have a toddler and baby who watch me and try out some themselves so having them around isn’t a problem.

My goal is to be healthier (doing), lose weight as I need to lose more than a couple of stones (this comes from someone who was a size 6/8 so my current weight does not suit me and I look ridiculous). I’ve basically a put on a stone for each year since my toddler was born, which was when my mental health was more directed at the isolation and feeling unable to go out. I’ve put on too much. But I can change.

Of course I want to lose it all quickly but I am doing this for the long game so lb by lb I will get there. It seems like by day 5 of 30 day shred, I have lost over 1kg. I could take body measurements but I am far too lazy for that but also I know people say the inch lost is much greater than the weight loss when doing the shred but I’m not too worried about that. Of course I’d love to be 8 or 9 stones, or have lost several inches but I feel like I will be able to tell the difference by clothes size. If my current clothes fit better, I’ve lost what I needed to lose for the first step and if I fit into my old clothes then I’ve lost even more and I’m even closer to my target.

So, on days 4 and 5 of 30 day shred, I have noticed a change in my legs. Top and bottom. It might not be a huge change but it does look like a massive change to me. I haven’t noticed any changes anywhere else but I’ll keep working at it.


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