Kealive Product Reviews

Kealive Product Reviews

I have a few products to review from Kealive. They do not need extended detailed reviews so I have put them in one post.

Kealive Pastry Cutter Set and Pastry Blender Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters Set

This set has two items:

A pastry blender

Cookie cutters

They are stainless steel and well made. The pastry blender allows you to to mix and blend pastry dough without getting your fingers dirty which is good because we all know how sticky pastry dough gets.

The cookie cutters come in 4 different sizes: 4cm , 5cm , 6cm and 7cm.

Kealive Vanity Light Mirror

This is one of those products that are 5 stars because they are useful.

Although it looks simple, it has a few features that make it well worth its price. It is more like a bargain.

Firstly, it is a double sided mirror. One side is the normal mirror and the other side is magnified to 5 times the normal mirror.  You can rotate the mirror easily to switch back and forth between each side.

It sits well on the table with the flat base. Yet is is a compact mirror. Doesn’t take up much space but the mirror is the right size for use.

The mirror lights up in the shape of a ‘O’ and is a soft light so eyes don’t hurt. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included! The light can be turned on and off by a easily accessible button.

I recommend this mirror as it’s so affordable but packed with useful features.

Kealive Motion Sensor Light

I have this light in my clothes wardrobe. It is quite dark in there so I placed it above the hangers. As I have a shelf above it, I placed it on the underneath part so the light shines down on the clothes.

Every time I open the door on that side, it lights up the clothes so I can see everything properly.

It is basically a long magnet, which has adhesive on one side. The light attaches to the magnet side and what I find really useful is that since it is attached via the magnet, I can take off the light when batteries need replacing. That said, my batteries are still working fine. It requires. 4 AAA batteries.

It is almost 19cm long and really useful for dark spaces like cupboards and drawers. It is also useful for the hallway at night, when needing a quick drink from the kitchen or a visit to the loo!

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