Minimalism: Clothes that don’t fit

Minimalism: Clothes that don’t fit

I have a suitcase full of clothes from pre baby days and some form when my first born was one years old. Since then I’ve put on more weight or have better suited clothes for feeding.

I held onto them because my aim is to get back to that weight. But I knew I probably wouldn’t wear some of those close anymore.

Out came the suitcase.

I had over 5 pyjama items. I had a new one I bought in the sale. The purple long sleeve top is nice but the trousers are a funny set of colours for me. Should I keep the top? In the end I put it in the selling pile.

I also had two night dresses I had worn a lot and bought for £1 from Primark. It was a bargain. But I also have another 3 (not the same design). So I managed to tell myself to put them in the donate pile. It’s not something I could have done before.

Then I tackled the leggings. They looked in pretty good condition and as they don’t make up much space I left them.

Next were the tops. I had so many tops and some brand new with labels that I had bought during huge discount sales. But really they were not my colour. So they also went in the selling pile.

Dresses. I have so many dresses. But if there was a colour I wasn’t keen on and I had just bought it because it was in the sale and really cheap, I removed it from the keep pile. There were also dresses I had been gifted from family and I feel guilty that I hadn’t worn them as they’re really nice. Some I was not too keen on though. This is where I had a hurdle and kept them. I need to lose weight to fit into them and I need the motivation. I would feel pretty bad not giving the beautiful dresses a chance. I need to give them a chance.

I ended up with a black bin full of clothes. There were things in there that I previously couldn’t let go of. Mostly because of thinking of the money I spent on them. Not that they were expensive, but I don’t like to waste money.

The truth is, having stuff affects us mentally when it is just too much. Last year I didn’t get rid of one item from the heavily packed suitcase and now, I had a whole bed of unwanted clothes. It is a huge step forward.

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