My First Bump in My Weight Loss Journey

My First Bump in My Weight Loss Journey

I got to day 19, eating healthily and exercising daily. It was easy to stay on track as in my mind I had till September 1st to lose weight and be fit as that’s when I would have a party to attend.

Then over the weekend a celebratory event came up that I wasn’t expecting. My other half made such delicious food I ended up overeating. Then we had some more food later on and I had to finish it (I don’t like wasting food and it’s not the type you can save for the next day) so I was really full.

The next day I had my lunch and decided not to have dinner. But I did have a glass of milk and some nuts. During the night I did feel hungry but I didn’t think too much of it.

The following morning I ended up getting up late and then preparing food for the kids and so on. By the time it was mid day I had a terrible headache and felt like I was going to puke. It was not going away. Obviously skipping dinner affected me badly and I waited it out a few hours until I found some chocolate and ate that to get my sugar levels up. I did feel better.

This one time of overeating had a knock on effect that set me back. I can get annoyed about it or I could make excuses for myself but I’ll do neither. Once I felt better in the evening, I still went ahead and did the 30 day shred.

So overeating then skipping meals does not work for me. I’ve fasted several times before, from 1:10am to 9:30pm and have felt totally fine. But I also ate properly before starting the fast. What I can’t handle is doing it randomly.

The next time I have a party or a event where there is lots of delicious food, I need to get out a small plate and fill it with food as well as my dessert so I don’t feel so full and I can still function.

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