Some changes with diet and 30 day shred, or not?

Some changes with diet and 30 day shred, or not?

It’s just gone past midnight here and I have not long finished a workout of 30 day day shred. I thought I was much further along but I’ve only done 5 days! I think it’s because I followed one on YouTube before I purchased me own copy and it wasn’t really a good idea to copy her as some of the moods were terrible for knees, so I decided to buy my own so I could see Jillian instead. Hence I haven’t counted that effort.

My lower legs are feeling it the most. They feel skinnier but it’s like the rest of my body outweighs my lower legs.

My arms up to my elbow also seem fine.  My upper thighs feel strong. My upper arms still look fat although I feel something solid beneath all of that.

Is it me, or am I noticing a change in my face? In particular my cheeks? I hope something is going on there.

It’s only been 5 days and I am probably overthinking but it is sort of encouraging. When eating healthier, weight loss is seen on the scales much faster. I have cut sugar completely and am not giving myself treat days as it will only hold me back. But as you may have heard before, the first few days of exercise results in muscles getting stronger. I feel they are harder, I can poke my leg and not feel the fat and instead some solid surface. So when I step on the scales every so often I notice my weight goes up and down. Of course at times I haven’t been to the loo combined with drinking loads of water so I should be heavier than, but when you see yourself being heavier than starting weight then it can feel really disheartening… unless you train your mind to think differently. Here I am realising I am drinking more water than ever before so that will show up on the scales for sure.

However there was a time in the day when I did have a full tummy and I was more than a kg lighter than starting weight.

I am noting down my weight loss results but I won’t circle the next kg until I’ve fallen a few points under it due to weight fluctuating so much. I won’t round down. I’ll wait it out. This is so I’m more realistic to myself and reminding myself I’m here for the long game and I’m not jumping ahead of myself.

I am getting somewhere, even after 5 days. Yes it feels like it’s been a week or more. But I’m going to hang in there.

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