Stickers: Toddler Activity

Stickers: Toddler Activity

One of the best things I’ve bought to entertain my toddler is a simple A5 book and stickers.

There’s something about stickers that allows them to peel off and stick for ages and ages and for days to months to years.

However it comes at a huge cost. I have no idea how much I’ve spent on stickers but I’d probably cry if I knew.

When I was a kid I remember having a sticker album and adding stickers to it in order, then trading some with friends and other kids in the school playground. It was fun! However there’s no such thing as a good quality sticker album anymore.

So I’m going to save you time and money fellow mum’s of kids who love stickers.


Use a empty photo album and get your kids to stick their stickers in it. This will allow them to either use the stickers in projects in the future or reuse the same stickers to peel of and stick, over and over again. This will save money buying more stickers!


Use a normal book and cover the pages with sticky back plastic. It will allow kids to peel off the stickers again.

My daughter has gone through books and books of stickers. They have sadly been stuck to normal paper, which can’t be removed and reused. So it’s just sticking hundreds of stickers next to each other and not being able to use them again.

Let’s cut the waste and be prepared beforehand. I now have the task to see if I can salvage any stickers for future use.

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