The Declutter Challenge

The Declutter Challenge

Many of us have hit the point where we’re fed up with piles and piles of stuff and then attempt to do a complete overhaul (many times over due to the amount of stuff!) or try to tackle a little section each day.

Even with the complete blitz, it seems like no dent is made and there still so much stuff. It is a totally consuming process. It can get a bit too much too. Here are some tips to help you get through it:

Designate a section of your home for selling and donating items

I have boxes piled up neatly with selling items. I take a picture, then put it in a box. It is better to keep items of the same category in the same box, so it’s easy to find it after.

Keep items at a reasonable price

But if someone offers something lower than you wanted, consider it and decide whether to accept it or not. Apart from things like LEGO. They do hold value so if you can wait, hold out for a better price then if it still doesn’t sell, reconsider your selling price.

Have patience

Having stacks of boxes can stress you out. Remind yourself they will go, and if it gets too much you can always take it to a charity shop for them to sell.

Don’t tackle a whole room on days you have less time

You know, when you plan to just keep the table top free of clutter, or the dressing table, but you end up opening up the drawers, the cabinets and so on. And instead of playing with the kids, you’ve just created a bigger job. Try to gauge how much time you actually have before you regret it.

Enjoy the process

Soon you’ll have a clutter free home. Who knows how we end up having so much stuff in the first place but this long process will be a good reminder of why to stop buying stuff and to keep it simple.



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