The first bump in the new healthy me road

The first bump in the new healthy me road

Yesterday was day 16 of exercising and being healthy properly.

I woke up with terrible hayfever and was pretty out of it all day. I was hopeful to exercise but in the end decided not to.

As I hadn’t eaten well I was pretty drained from that too.

However yesterday was also a celebratory day for me and my other half. So in the evening he prepared a wonderful meal and I had prepared dessert.

I was so out of it all day that by the time it came to dinner, my head was not thinking straight and I overate the delicious meal. Of course I regretted it after. I could have still enjoyed leftovers tomorrow. Instead I ate and ate and ate

I’m so frustrated with myself. I’m undoing all that hard work of losing half a stone. But I’m going to take a lesson. Special occasions don’t require overeating to enjoy them. Everything in moderation.

I ended up exercising after all as I was really not feeling good. For the first time in over two weeks, my stomach felt fat and wobbly and it wasn’t nice.

Jillian got me exercising on level 2 day 6. It was harder with all that food in my belly. Don’t do this again please.

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