The time I tried to make fish pie for my kido

The time I tried to make fish pie for my kido

Ever since I remember, I have been a picky eater. It’s not fun. I’ve tried to overcome it in my 20s but even with a lot of effort, my personal menu has not added many new things to it.

For this reason, I have tried very hard to feed my first born a variety of baby dishes cooked from scratch. I had this Annabel Karmel recipe stack and found a salmon fish pie. I remember eating cos fish pie as a kid, so I thought, hey, let’s have a go.

So there I go getting all the ingredients, setting it out and following the steps carefully. Looked neat to me.

Actually, it produced a very nice result and extras for the freezer:

It looked so crispy and fresh and the breadcrumb was stunning.

However, when my daughter took a bite, she refused to have anymore! All that effort for…. nothing. It was then I realised I put way more salmon in, and too less potato. It’s meant to be potato-ey with a hint of salmon. Duh!

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