Where I’m At – Minimalism?

Where I’m At – Minimalism?

Over the past year I have increasingly been feeling uncomfortable in my space, my home. At first I didn’t realise it was ‘stuff’ that was cluttering my head.

My other half has always been a very tidy when you go kind of person, with a small amount of possessions and clothes.

On the other hand, I came in with boxes and boxes of STUFF. I hid it all away when I had kids and now I’ve replaced it with other STUFF.

I decided to invest in some storage furniture with a clean look so that toys and ‘stuff’ can be dumped in there before daddy gets home and also for my mind to be clearer. But it seems like it isn’t enough. My living room, which to many doesn’t actually have much in it, feels too cluttered. The kids playroom also feels cluttered (despite most things in storage). It seems I am not yet satisfied.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was entering competitions almost every day for more ‘stuff’ or receiving item after item of something to review. A lot of it does get gifted or passed on but something didn’t feel quite right.

We are surrounded by consumerism but my heart doesn’t feel attached to it. I do feel like I’ve opened up to hobbies this year and have got more into it like when I was growing up so for that I need stuff, but do I need a whole load of it?

I have recently got rid of a lot of things but I’m not happy with what is left yet. I’ll be sharing my journey to minimalism as a lifestyle choice on here. But it also includes a whole other load of things like trying to eradicate plastic from.oir home, trying to use cruelty free vegan makeup only and so on. It is a journey and a half!

Currently in my living room I have a lot of bits and bobs. After having kids and my first-born turning one, the rooms were rejigged and have been several times, so furniture from other rooms have ended up in the living room. Do I keep it all, for when the rooms go back to how they were before, or just get rid? Here’s a list of what I have and I will share my progress on this blog along the way.

Large monitor (we don’t subscribe to TV)

TV stand

My thoughts on the above two are that I no longer want them in the living room. They take up too much space.

Side table


The above two are similar sizes and are placed in front of the TV stand to stop the little ones from pulling the monitor down. So they’re not actually used as tables or places to put down a cup of tea!


Sofa bed

The sofa is comfy but bulky

The sofa bed is nice when using it as a bed, it looks great as it has a minimalist design but it’s not comfy as a lounging sofa.

Kids play table with toys underneath it

Nappies and stuff

Drying radiator


This rug feels too busy in design

My first task is to tackle what is in the storage (ottoman and side table) and remove any items which are not used. One stores blankets which has been great over the past few days when it’s been cold. The other, I’m not so sure, we never look in there.

I’ll also tackle what’s on the fireplace and by the window.

It does seem like the positioning of the windows, the door and the fireplace don’t help but we have to work around that.

This reminds me that there is a whole load of technology items in the TV stand which need to be tackled too. We don’t actually need that much stuff.

Our kitchen tableware and glassware have mostly been minimalistic. We don’t have loads of people visiting at once so owning six glasses at any one given time has been enough or even too much. Some of our dinnerware has chipped over the years and when it’s gotten too much, we’ve thrown it away and not replaced it. So I guess minimalism has always been there trying to get more attention. Hence I decided to remove our dessert glasses as they weren’t ever used. And there’s more that needs to go, such as ovenware that just doesn’t get used. Baking products that I purchased for some fun and creativity but in reality barely get used. There’s so much to purge through but it can be done.

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