Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

Why it’s not always a good idea to purchase from Amazon

In my early days of reviewing items from Amazon, I had a huge amount of tech items for review from chinese sellers. It was welcomed because I’d get things like bluetooth speakers which now are a novelty item to me.

I also had the chance to review a variety of extension plugs. Of all of them, this one was my favourite:

I remember thinking that the Chinese are far ahead of the UK companies. Look how cool the packaging is for a extension wire! A nice shiny gold.

I didn’t understand the funny looking plug sockets but what I did appreciate was the fact that it could charge all my new usb powered tech I had acquired as well as being able to plug in my lamp. It was so new to me.

What I realised after was that the sockets were mot just for UK plugs but also for the 2 pin plugs. This was really handy as I had a 2 pin lamp for review which was so simple yet trendy but I didn’t have a converter for it. So Now I could use this for everything I owned.

Later on I found out that the plug for this extension wire is one known to cause fires. It is a funny shaped plug, I don’t have a picture of it sadly but I didn’t want to take any risks.

What you buy on Amazon or even eBay isn’t always full proof in terms of safety so I’d urge going with a reliable brand,even if other brands offer a better price, something more trendy and with more features.

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